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Bet on Photovoltaic Self-consumption. Save costs, electricity consumption and become more sustainable

Take advantage of solar thermal energy for your long-term electrical self-consumption, generating 100% clean energy and certifying a trend towards green energy .

Increase the profitability of your company thanks to Photovoltaic Self-consumption

Remember that:

It is not a simple mechanical and electrical installation.

Not everything in it should be the price of the installation (€/wp)

Aspects to take into account about photovoltaic electricity self-consumption

Photovoltaic self-consumption
  • 1. Demand VS Production . Does your production adjust to the internal quarter-hour demand of your company? What percentage of my total demand would I cover with this electricity self-consumption production?
  • 2. Surpluses Are they profitable for me? Is it worth it to oversize my installation to receive income from the sale of these? Will bureaucratic hurdles slow you down and lose money?
  • 3. Quality and features of the devices offered. Will the offered modules have more or less degradation than others and therefore more heat losses and less production during the life cycle of the installation?
  • 4. How will it be verified that the modules and inverters defined in the offer will generate more energy than others throughout the life of the photovoltaic installation?
  • 5. What performance guarantee does each one of the offers give me?

How can we help you start your Photovoltaic Self-consumption installation?


Dimensioning, design, project, request for offers based on project management and presentation of results. Review of contractual clauses, construction management and ongoing savings verification service. Incorporates innetik sun-bi.


Complete “plug & play” project from dimensioning to execution. It incorporates the added value of a business intelligence platform (innetik sun-bi) and an annual service for checking and verifying savings and future performance of the installation.


Advanced data analytics platform based on business intelligence. Visualization with customizable dashboard
of your installation. Control general consumption and electrical production of your PV plant. savings control,
simulation future predictions (machine learning) and
future plant yields.

Increase the profitability of your photovoltaic installation with our services:

Secure your investment by certifying once the installation is done, a continuous service of:

  • 1. Continuous monitoring and follow-up of production, past predictions and installation status.
  • 2. Continuous Monitoring Service future performance of your installation during its life cycle based on simulations and predictions of the energy produced and performance.
  • 3. Verification service of savings generated by the installation. during the life of the photovoltaic plant.

4 Reasons to start generating your own solar thermal energy


Among all the benefits, the most important is that thanks to the electrical energy generated and consumed in your own installation, you will stop consuming electricity from the electrical network itself.


You will improve your dependence on the network and you will fix part of your energy cost, protecting yourself from increases in the price of electricity


Generating your own green energy favors the reduction of CO2 emissions and therefore your carbon footprint. You will work on your CSR in alignment with your SDG objectives.


We know of the implication that you and your company have with the energy transition, sustainability and the future of all of us.

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