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We work on the energy saving policy and continuous improvement of your company. SGEn

Why do you need good energy planning in your company?

Neither you nor individual organizations can control energy prices, government policies or the global economy, but you can improve energy planning and energy management.

In recent years, companies in our country have adopted international regulations on quality management systems (ISO 9001) and the environment (ISO 14001), these being already familiar to most companies, implementing a cycle of continuous improvement. However, the ISO 50,001 standard for energy management systems has had less impact on the industrial fabric.

ISO 50001 certification. Much more than a simple certificate

If we think of the greater economic burdens for companies, energy management far exceeds the cost of products not suitable for sale or the management of hazardous waste for the environment.

Therefore, improving the energy performance of your company with adequate energy planning will provide you with quick benefits, improving the use of your energy sources and reducing your consumption.

For this, the implementation of an Energy Management System (SGEn) is the option with the greatest potential for energy and economic savings, turning the implementation of the ISO 50,001 standard into an investment and not a simple certificate.

Steps to successfully implement your Energy Management System (SGEn)

For your Energy Management System (EnMS) to be successful, it must be part of your organization’s development strategy and energy policy and be linked to your goals and objectives.

For example, if your company has a goal of increasing production, you will surely have higher energy consumption, therefore the measurement and improvement of energy performance should be incorporated into the energy planning processes, according to the strategy of your organization.

The implementation of the ISO 50001 standard is an opportunity for you to discover and take advantage of the savings potential in terms of energy consumption that your company has and you and your team can define the practices, energy policies and future behaviors to maintain a high level of efficiency.

Energy policy : stating the intentions and objectives of the Energy Management System (SGEn).

Energy planning: an essential step when starting the cycle, since it should help you to define the current situation of your company through an internal or external audit.

Implementation and operation: training, awareness and application of the Energy Management System (SGEn) in each of the departments of your company.

Verification: internal control of the evolution of your company’s consumption through monitoring and regular energy audits carried out by your own or external personnel.

Review by your management: after analyzing the data obtained, we will have to change your energy policy and planning accordingly, updating the control variables and setting new objectives periodically.

What will you get with our ISO 50001 certification service?

ISO 50001 Documentation and Implementation

The implementation of the ISO 50,001 standard in your company will be carried out after the energy audit of the facilities. The first steps would be aimed at integrating energy efficiency criteria into the company’s management protocols.
Based on the results of the specific measurements of the audit, the consumption verification and control systems will be developed and implemented.
The current Energy Management System will be analyzed, adaptation of the SGE to the standard and advice on the ISO 50001 certification process. The system’s protocols will be documented in the company’s management manuals and collaboration will be provided during the internal audit of the system, assisting in the processes of pre-certification and certification of the auditor, and correcting possible non-conformities.

Creation of the Energy Savings Committee

We will form an energy saving committee (CAE), made up of Inycom Energy personnel and internal personnel involved in the project, to meet quarterly with the following objectives:

  1. Monitoring of the tasks to be carried out within energy management
  2. Control of monitoring metrics and consumption profiles observed and interpretation of possible deviations and anomalies.
  3. Control of the improvement measures implemented and verification of the savings obtained.
  4. Analysis of the possible changes produced in the plant or the production process and assessment of their impact on energy consumption or the proposed improvement measures.
  5. Periodic updating of monitoring metrics and objectives based on the results

Benefits of implementing and certifying an ISO 50001 Energy Management System with Inycom Energy






Download this document on how to implement an Energy Efficiency Plan in your company

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