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What do we do?

We want to be your comprehensive energy consultancy

Outsourcing the energy management of an organization’s facilities is becoming an increasingly critical task as the demand to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions rise.

We guide our customers to make money and save time with our services, projects and own solutions..

And thanks to them, this is who we are:


Years in the world of energy consulting


Customers who rely on our services and solutions


GWh of energy managed for our customers


Clients with our EMS


Audits carried out in accordance with UNE-EN 16247


Success achieved without any claims from our customers


European Hydrogen Projects


kW of power generation sizing relative to PV self-consumption solutions.

And we want to continue guiding you.

Energy Management and Efficiency

Do you know that energy is essential to make things happen? By managing it with method we will turn “little” things into positive changes. We say Positive because they will give you confidence and security, but above all because they will generate savings and make your organization profitable

Microgrids and Hydrogen

Deployment and integration of distributed energy resources in microgrids for collaborative energy management, including the production of green hydrogen

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    We know how involved you and your company are in the energy transition, sustainability and the future of all of us.

    ¿Need help with our energy solutions? We are experts!

    How do we do it?

    We work according to your needs, but always with the same objective: to innovate and have a positive impact on your company’s economic, social and environmental results.

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    Recovery plans


    Why Inycom Energy?

    Our Focus. You

    For us it is not enough to think or put ourselves in your place from our office, but to go out and meet your environment and your circumstances.

    Talking about the Future

    The 22nd century is built from today. Our goal is Sustainability. We believe in this planet and with you we will try to leave it better for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to enjoy.

    Not just talking about Energy

    We always give you the best solution because we are constantly learning. We make use of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to complement our services and solutions, providing you with guaranteed profitability and savings in contract.

    Came for the savings. Stayed for the service.

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