Green Hydrogen as a source of energy

Specialists in Green Hydrogen projects.

We accompany you in the deployment of your green hydrogen project, from the preliminary study of its viability to the start-up and subsequent optimization of the plant’s operation.

A versatile energy vector: production, storage and distribution

Verder Hydrogen becomes that energy vector that will help you to be more sustainable and energy self-sufficient.

  • Maximize the economic return of your facilities with renewable energies thanks to storage with green hydrogen
  • Produces hydrogen as fuel to propel vehicle fleets more economically and with zero emissions
  • Reduce your natural gas consumption by blending it with low-cost renewable green hydrogen production
  • Take advantage of a current of residual biogas to produce hydrogen and value it
  • Reduces the consumption of auxiliary diesel generators with backup systems based on hydrogen and fuel cell

And why green hydrogen?

Because of its energy density, the versatility in its forms of production, the simplicity of its storage and distribution and, above all, its multiple applications.

With our future heading towards an energy transition where the contribution of renewable energies is increasing, and the existing initiatives to encourage “the hydrogen economy”, everything sounds wonderful, right? Nothing is further from reality.

Green hydrogen projects need to be viable in their operational phase to endure over the years . And this is directly linked to the final use of this fuel. Under this prism, hydrogen takes a great advantage thanks to its various applications, but it also has a handicap and it is none other than the price of its generation.

The H2 generation cost variable will undoubtedly be the key that will determine whether to bet on this type of project.

A variety of end uses: industry, energy and transportation

Industrial sector: green hydrogen can be used primarily to replace natural gas. In percentages of mixture of hydrogen with natural gas of less than 10%, equipment such as burners or electric generators do not suffer a negative impact.

Energy sector , hydrogen produced by electrolysis can be injected into the gas network. In this way, it can use the natural gas network as storage, being a more flexible network that can accommodate up to 5% hydrogen.

Transport sector , the business cases are the most viable and can complement the industrial projects mentioned above if, near the hydrogen plant, there are fleets of vehicles that are going to be converted to hydrogen. Specifically, the price of green hydrogen produced with electrolysis, if it is generated on a large scale (as would be the case in an industrial project), is competitive with the cost of diesel or gasoline used to refuel vehicles.

We design and deploy your green hydrogen project so that it is economically sustainable

If you suspect that hydrogen could be very interesting and especially some of its uses, you could accommodate it to your business model. We accompany you in each and every one of the stages of your project:

Feasibility analysis

The first thing you need to clarify is whether your project is viable at all levels: Technical, Economic, Environmental and Regulatory.


In this phase, we will propose the design of the plant that maximizes your economic return . After all, it is an investment for many years and there are many possible installation combinations, but only a few winners.

Engineering and permits

You will need to develop engineering documentation that details the aspects of process engineering, electrical engineering, plant control, certification or the application for different permits.

Start up

In this phase, it is about putting all the teams in the plant “to play”. And this has its implications: green hydrogen assets are not “plug and play” as each project is different .

Operation and maintenance

Once our project has been deployed, it is now time to collect its benefits, but how can I measure them reliably and accurately? This is where the control station comes into play. It will be key in the optimal dispatch of the plant .

Our experience:

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PEM water electrolysers for off-grid renewable energy installations


Electrolysis of water for hydrogen production


Hydrogen and fuel cell based energy storage systems in isolated locations

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