Do you already have data, but it is not managed?

Are you an industry that already has data available? Data collected from multiple sensors communicated and installed throughout the plant and that are being taken to a Distributed Control System (DCS) or to different Oracle or SQL databases, among others? Moreover, are all these data being visualised in a SCADA type platform or any other existing platform on the market?

Your first steps in the “Connected” Industry have already been taken, now you just need to manage all that volume of data and add value with it.


Managing energy without an agile methodology is like a magician without his wand.

Data alone does not make savings. When factories start up, they begin to generate data that, if we collect and do not analyse, is useless. A structured and exhaustive analysis must lead to modelling and consumption patterns according to our internal work dynamics. With our support and extensive experience in the sector, we will provide you with the information you need to make your strategic decisions.

The problem is that measuring does not make savings, it only collects data. The importance of data is in being analysed and processed.

We help you turn energy Big Data into useful data.

The accumulated experience of our team, made up of Data Analysts and our Energy Manager, together with a clear programme of project milestones, will be the key to this shared journey towards continuous energy improvement, towards greater CONTROL and, of course, towards ENERGY COST REDUCTION (savings).

Find out what makes Netik360 right for your business

Study and analysis of the company’s process map and the sources of the information to be analysed.
Knowledge and review of the company’s existing energy policies.
Identification of the areas of significant energy use in the company.
Identify, prioritise and record opportunities to improve energy performance
Creation of an Energy Committee to establish energy objectives and targets.
Analysis of relevant company variables affecting energy consumption.
Implement energy management performance evaluation method.
Study of the adoption of new technologies and development of Solar PV feasibility study
Calculation of potential economic savings and reduction of environmental impact
Identification of the installation’s improvement potentials. Definition, development
Financial analysis of investments
Monitoring and verification of the implemented saving measures.
Definition and monitoring of general energy performance indicators of the installation. Opcional
Bimonthly meetings of the Savings Committee: Monitoring of energy baselines
Detection and quantification of losses in the air network by ultrasound. Opcional
Thermographic analysis of installations
Training for the people who work in the SGEn
Certification of the energy management system (ISO 50001)

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