Data Energy Analytics. Big data analysis of your energy management

Do you manage your energy consumption data in Excel and manually?

It is very likely that in your company you may have already entered and fully committed to continuous improvement in energy.

You already have metrics and analysis of energy data and monitoring of energy consumption, you build your consumption baselines and work the information collected under a method. !! Congratulations!!

But, some questions arise…

What origin do these data have? How do you work it? Excel macro? And the main one, do you find it complicated and, above all, do you invest many hours of work in preparing those weekly or monthly reports that you must present at the energy committee meeting that are established in your company’s energy policy?

Dataenergy Analytics. Data Analytics Solution

It automates processes, reduces study and analysis times, streamlines decision-making and saves costs.

Help us extract the relevant information to turn it into relevant knowledge.

Data energy Analytics allows you to collect and concentrate energy data from hundreds of data sources that you have.

You will connect a multitude of data sources with our DATA ENERGYBI and we will extract the information of interest to transform it and/or cross it on a common platform. We will be able to extract, optimize and combine the information that really adds value to you.

We will develop and build custom dashboards and reports that are highly available and updated in real time.

This will allow us to automate the combination process and visualize data, generating reports that add value to the energy management KPIs of interest that you already have defined in your organization and that you already control.


And don’t go, there’s still more…

If your business grows or you incorporate more data capture devices in the factory or your storage sources and origins of this data increase, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Our DATA ENERGYBI tool grows as your business and the volume of data generated grow.

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