Connetik360. Management and analysis of energy data

Control and monitoring of energy consumption and costs in your company. Do you want to do it WITHOUT investment?

Connetik360 is an advanced digital tool for energy data management and analysis , which resolves the barrier of cost, technology and knowledge of active energy surveillance, containing the CAPEX of infrastructure deployment and bridging the knowledge gap in optimization.

Working with Connetik360 implies providing accessibility and an ultra-competitive energy consumption monitoring service to any company, no matter how small, aware of its costs and energy consumption, allowing it to align itself in meeting its SDG objectives and national energy and climate plans. (PNIEC)

Connetik360 is its own “Plug & Data” tool for immediate deployment and easy implementation from a system based on electrical analyzers that have native communication, thus eliminating the initial cost that other market solutions require.

This energy data analysis system sends the data to a cloud computing service where computational intelligence is developed with specific algorithms for the detection of energy anomalies and self-learning of consumption baselines, giving visibility to “value” points. on anomalies and actual savings.

The energy consumption visualization and monitoring platform that it incorporates makes use of big energy data to identify the best practices in terms of energy efficiency, allowing control over energy consumption and concentrating the knowledge available to the customer in the continuous service of energy advice and active surveillance with the figure of an expert personalized Energy manager who accompanies the solution.

Benefits of monitoring energy consumption with Connetik360

Connetik360 induces a cycle of continuous energy improvement and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions associated with electricity consumption from the moment zero


Connectivity and therefore digitization is the perfect opportunity for the operation of your industry, which will move towards a more efficient model of sustainable data management and analysis and with technology as the basis for its growth.


Connetik360 is the lever that will make your company move beyond efficiency and start talking about eco-efficiency as a strategy , oriented towards efficiency in energy processes throughout the product or service life cycle.


You will achieve greater control of energy demand, knowing where your greatest demands are, what and which are those variables that most affect your consumption and saving energy. In addition, you will increase the awareness of your employees and reduce your electricity consumption and therefore your economic costs.


You will enhance your Image abroad , since Connetik360 becomes your workhorse in the fight for environmental factors, aligning with your main SDG objectives that apply to you

Differential value of Connetik360: management and analysis of energy data

Connetik360 is not a simple tool for monitoring energy consumption in the industry, but it is differentially positioned as a service on demand, without initial investment, and with the most advanced complete functionalities.

  • It is not a product but a service and disruptive.
  • Industries will have total control over their costs and energy consumption and will be able to do so without prior investment.
  • This service based on an EaaS (Energy as a Service) model makes use of big energy data collected with the monitoring and complements it with a personalized service of expert advice on energy management and with Perfectly packaged plans that break the mechanisms of existing models, eliminating the costs associated with:
  • installation cost
  • measurement hardware
  • Cost of communications and data
  • Monitoring platform cost
  • Information analysis cost
  • Cost of expert trained personnel
  • It is supported on a Plug & Data platform for immediate deployment and easy implementation based on sensors with native communication, which will allow you to obtain:
  • Intelligent and automatic energy data analysis of data focused on Smart Energy
  • Energy monitoring and management service as well as ongoing energy advice by an Energy Manager who will act as the client’s outsourced energy department. Feature updates
  • Updates of functionalities adapted to regulations and technology.

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Which CONNETIK360 suits your needs?

Knowledge and review of existing energy policies in the company
General meter monitoring equipment Installation gas
DATA ENERGYBI – Intelligent data analytics
Customization of dashboards adapted to your company
Simulation of electricity and gas costs on a monthly basis
On Line Cost Simulation Daily and Monthly Electricity Bill
Simulation of costs On Line Daily and monthly Gas Bill
Supply cut sensor (supply incidents detected in the installation)
Generation of consumption alarms (power, reactive, excessive consumption…)
Bidding contest for energy supply contracts Optional
Information about energy subsidies and regulatory changes
Definition and monitoring of the general installation performance indicator
Management of claims and procedures with the agents and regulators of the sector
Analysis and development of feasibility study Solar PV Self-consumption
Identification of improvement opportunities with and without investment
Calculation of potential economic savings and reduction of environmental impact
Financial analysis of investments
Monitoring and verification of saving measures
Monitoring performance indicators and general baselines and by processes
Formation and regular meeting of an energy saving committee (CAE)
Detection and quantification of losses in the air network by ultrasound Optional
Employee training Optional
Certification of the energy management system (ISO 50001)
software update
Energy advice from our technical department
Sensor installation in fiscal meter of electric company
Installation of sensors for electrical measurements in 4 areas with the highest consumption
Sensor installation for gas measurements in general installation

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