¿No tienes ningún control ni datos sobre los procesos?

We should be telling you it’s a problem, but no, IT IS NOT. All these years of knowledge of the industrial sector, the 2008 crisis, the current one, have allowed us to understand the vicissitudes that industries have had to go through. Everyone talks about Energy Efficiency, everyone talks about Industry 4.0, but there is always a prior investment to analyse the data, if it is done, of course. And our SMEs have traditionally been at a disadvantage here, but not anymore!


Democratising Energy Management

No upfront costs for companies! With CONNETIK360, companies have an Energy Management solution that covers the entire Energy Efficiency cycle. Our industries will not have to make initial investments to incorporate sensors and collect energy data or pay for software to visualise it. None of it saves. The savings come from the management and thorough analysis of the data. We will only see the results we are looking for if there is a service above that with a proven method that focuses on the control and monitoring of energy parameters, and works for continuous improvement to achieve ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL and ORGANISATIONAL BENEFITS.

Which CONNETIK360 suits your needs?

Knowledge and review of existing energy policies in the company
General meter monitoring equipment Gas Installation
DATA ENERGYBI – Intelligent Data Analytics
Customisation of dashboards adapted to your business.
Simulation of Electricity and Gas costs on a monthly basis
Simulation of daily and monthly Online Electricity Invoice costs
Simulation of costs Online Daily and monthly Gas Invoices
Supply cut-off sensor (supply incidences detected in the installation)
Generation of consumption alarms (power, reactive, excessive consumption…)
Tendering competition for energy supply contracts Opcional
Information on subsidies and regulatory changes in the field of energy.
Definition and monitoring of general installation performance indicator
Management of claims and procedures with the sector’s agents and regulators.
Analysis and development of feasibility study Solar PV Self-consumption
Identification of improvement opportunities with and without investment
Calculation of the potential for economic savings and reduction of environmental impact.
Financial analysis of investments
Monitoring and verification of savings measures
Follow-up of performance indicators and general and process baselines.
Formation and regular meeting of an Energy Savings Committee (ESC)
Ultrasonic detection and quantification of air network losses Opcional
Employee training Opcional
Certification of the energy management system (ISO 50001)
Software update
Energy consulting by our technical department
Installation of sensors in the electricity company’s tax meter
Sensor installation for electrical measurements in 4 areas of highest consumption
Sensor installation for gas measurements in general installation

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