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We work on the Energy Efficiency of your company to achieve greater energy savings

Why a comprehensive energy saving and efficiency service for your company?

In recent years, a diversity of energy policies has been promoted, where the term energy efficiency is something that has been sounding on a regular basis since 2010. However, what is energy efficiency really and how can it be applied in a company or industry?

How would we define what energy efficiency is?

MANAGEMENT, just that, management capacity. Energy Efficiency is the optimal management of energy in a facility and when we talk about management we are not referring to a specific product but to a service. A global service that covers the cycle of energy efficiency and that should help companies to be more efficient by implementing an Energy Management System.

At Inycom Energy we have been working for 10 energy efficiency services with clients from different sectors and sizes, helping them in their energy saving and management processes. As an energy efficiency company, we want to be your travel companion

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We accompany you in the process of optimizing your energy management


How much energy do you consume? How do you consume it? Where?
If you know the answer, you will be able to have a mapping and distribution of real energy consumption by processes that will allow you to know the weight of each one of them in the global energy balance of your installation.


How do I reduce the consumption of my company / industry? How can I characterize it and follow it?
Knowing the answer and crossing these energy consumption data with production data makes it possible to define indicators and characterize consumption based on theoretical consumption baselines.


We will establish concrete measures and action plans .
Once the consumption has been characterized and analyzed and after having converted the data into information, you can incorporate those measures that have previously been studied.


Control of improvements and follow-up of anomalies.
It is essential to create an energy saving committee made up of internal personnel (and external personnel, if any) that is in charge of controlling and monitoring the consumption referenced to the previous characterizations.

Energy Efficiency IS a STRATEGIC PROCESS for your company

What can we do for you?

Our solutions for Energy Management cover the complete cycle of Energy Efficiency . All of them induce a cycle of continuous energy improvement and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy expenditure from minute zero.

We provide agile Efficient Energy Management Solutions , with the aim of achieving savings on your energy consumption and that your industrial or comfort processes have the least possible impact on the environment.

We always adapt to the conditions of your company, being flexible and generating value with each of our solutions based on perfectly defined milestones.

Savings and energy efficiency 100% adapted to your needs

When you have no control or energy data on your production or comfort processes in your company.

When you already have energy data, an EMS implemented, but you manage it manually and it requires you to invest a lot of time

When you already have energy data, but you do not manage or analyze it, turning it into relevant information for your company

Do you want to know more about Energy Efficiency?: “ The 6 W that contextualize our energy efficiency service

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