Energy Communities

The energy for the future

Renewable Energy Communities
We are talking about democratizing the generation and consumption of energy

Imagine a whole future, not so distant, where the microgeneration of electricity through renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic and others) in our cities is something common instead of exceptional. How does the idea sound to you that we could have hundreds of homes, small businesses and service buildings connected to the distribution grid such as hospitals or shopping centres in a neighbourhood which were not only consuming energy, but also generating it? This could support the grid when there is an overload by sharing the energy between neighbours.

Sounds good, very good right? Well, this decentralized scenario is already possible and not only technologically. It requires from regulatory changes in the uses of the electrical grid, but we are already working on it. This has already started and it is no longer just an idea, it is called ‘Energy Communities’.

What are Energy Communities?

They are intended to be legal entities of voluntary and open participation.

Who can participate?

Stakeholders or members who are natural or legal persons (among others: associations, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, companies) and also local autonomic or national administrations, who come together to obtain energy benefits.

Their main features

  • Renewable energy generation
  • Power distribution: management and maintenance of cabling, transformers, etc.
  • Energy exchange between individuals
  • Provision of charging services for electric vehicles.
  • Provision of energy efficiency services: for neighbours, businesses and local industry to reach a fair on their energy bill.

Microgrids and energy community’s management solutions

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