Energy Communities and renewable energy sources

Renewable Energy Communities, the Energy of the Future

We are talking about democratizing energy generation and consumption. Let’s take advantage of renewable resources and energies and activate citizen participation in energy production.

Imagine a future, not so distant, where the microgeneration of electricity through renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic and others) in our cities is something common instead of exceptional.

How does the idea sound to you that connected to the distribution network we could have hundreds of homes, small businesses and service buildings such as hospitals or shopping centers in a neighborhood that were not only consuming energy, but also generating it and could contribute it to the network when they had more than enough sharing it with us, their neighbors?

This decentralized scenario is already possible and not only technologically. It requires regulatory changes in the uses of the electrical system, but we are already working on it, they have already begun and this, which is no longer just an idea, is called Energy Communities .

What are Energy Communities?

The Energy Communities are part of this democratization. The objective is that shareholders or members who are natural or legal persons (associations, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, companies) and also local, regional or national administrations, come together to achieve energy benefits.

The main purpose of the Energy Communities is to “make energy more sustainable” by generating their own renewable energy. In this way, it will not be necessary to buy as much energy from third parties, again obtaining a decrease in the price per kWh.

Benefits of energy communities


In communities that aim to improve distribution and reduce housing and transportation costs. Consuming only what we need, without wasting energy, is the beginning of all savings.


Abandonment of fossil energies and reduction of the local carbon footprint.


Energy communities can favor lower prices for consumers with fewer resources.


Creation of local jobs and strengthening of the local economy.

Our services for energy communities

Its main activities

  • Renewable power generation
  • Power distribution: management and maintenance of wiring, transformers, etc.
  • Energy exchange between individuals
  • Provision of charging services for electric vehicles.
  • Provision of energy efficiency services: for neighbors, businesses and local industry, pay what is fair and necessary on your bill.

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