Energy efficiency audit for your company

Energy audits. Saving implies knowing where and how you consume energy

An energy audit will allow you to decide with criteria how to reduce costs in your company, saving energy and, at the same time, do so by minimizing the levels of CO2 emissions.

For this reason, the energy audit is the most important tool to establish the level of energy efficiency in your company and show the state of the industry in order to later plan the implementation and define the objectives of your future Energy Management System.

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How to save with our Energy Audit?

From the energy audits in industry carried out by Inycom Energy we can establish an improvement in electrical efficiency of an average 12% and 18-25% savings in fuel consumption per unit of manufactured product.


Starting from a detailed analysis of the current situation of the installation to be audited and characterizing the type of company, its situation and environment, the energy supplies and the energy consuming systems.


Inventorying the main equipment and installations and taking measurements and records of the most important electrical and thermal parameters. We define the optimization of the supply of fuels, electricity and water consumption and the possibility of installing renewable energies.


It includes the drafting of the technical and economic report of the energy efficiency audit carried out with the expected situation, providing the necessary improvements to achieve its energy, economic and environmental optimization.


And it is that the implementation of the measures that derive from its realization, must be given greater added value, completing with aspects such as training and staff training. Only in this way will we improve and maintain the energy performance of industrial facilities.

How we do an energy audit of your company

The energy audit of your industry must be carried out by a solvent and independent entity. We accredit these ends by complying with aspects:

Technical solvency:

  • Competence : thanks to our highly qualified team with the relevant accreditations
  • We have a multitude of demonstrable references of the energy efficiency audit work carried out.
  • We have the technical means , the necessary instruments for measuring and recording energy data, office and computer tools.

Independence and ethics:

  • The commitment to confidentiality with the documentation and information to which you have access, forcing us to keep the secrecy of all the information we know in the development of the energy audit.
  • Objectivity and transparency : we are a service company, so we have no conflicts of interest when it comes to proposing solutions.

Do you want to know more about Energy Audits? Download our Real Case “Industrial Energy Audit

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