Electric mobility strategy

We promote sustainable electric mobility and respect for the environment.

We design and implement your electric mobility strategy. A mobility strategy based on safety, sustainability and connectivity.

Future and urban electric mobility. A sustainable future

Our cities are becoming more collapsed and polluted every day. Ecological and sustainable alternatives are key in a revolution that is reaching our society and the business world: electric mobility and sustainability in transport.

Together we are witnesses to a transformation that does not stop and that should allow us to move towards the future we want!

Inycom Energy. Specialists in sustainable electric mobility

In the success of the energy transition towards a more sustainable world, charging systems are going to have a capital importance. For this reason, we advise companies and public administrations on their urban electric mobility strategy.

The experience accumulated during these years in energy efficiency, renewable energies and the deployment and integration of distributed energy resources in microgrids for collaborative energy management, we transfer to the world of sustainable mobility.

We provide you with the experience of our specialized technical team so that your installation of electric vehicle charging points is fully adapted to your needs, offering you a turnkey solution.

Customized engineering:

The implementation of the ISO 50,001 standard in your company will be carried out after the audit of the adapted EV Charging Point, with the possibility of self-generation (photovoltaic) and comprehensive management.

flexible integration

Flexible integration in local and corporate networks

Electric mobility strategy wherever you need it

At home

Recharging station in your private garage.

At home

Recharging station in the parking lot of your community of owners.

In private parking

Large companies, large surfaces (shopping centers, hotels…)

On the street

According to the planning of each city in order to promote sustainable mobility.

at service stations

Fast charging stations (charge < 30 minutes)

Our services for your sustainable urban Electric Mobility

Facility feasibility study

  • We study your needs to offer you the best option.

Administrative and legal management

  • grants
  • Distribution company (availability of power, electrical connection infrastructure, procedures for power extension, procedures for contracting new connection points, new electrical tolls).
  • Other mandatory procedures (Compliance with the REBT, local permits)

Technical solutions for charging points

  • Charging point sizing
  • Existing solutions: We select the equipment and suppliers you need.

Economic valuation of technical solutions

Comprehensive management of the charging point (integration with Photovoltaics)

The axes of electric mobility: Digitization and Sustainability

Connectivity and therefore digitization are the perfect opportunity for our cities, companies or public bodies to move towards a more efficient and sustainable model of connectivity and mobility, with technology as the basis for their growth.

Affordable and Clean Energy
Sustainable cities and communities
Responsible production and consumption
Climate Action

Electric mobility is the key tool in our commitment to the fight against climate change and in favor of sustainability. The use of the electric vehicle is associated with multiple advantages, both environmental and economic.

Bet on an innovative, practical and emission-free way of moving

Download this whitepaper on how to implement an energy efficiency plan in your company (ISO 50001)

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