Inycom Energy, energy efficiency company

Experts in Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies and Green Hydrogen

We reduce your energy costs and offset your carbon footprint

Inycom Energy is an energy efficiency company that was created as a division specializing in Inycom Energy . As experts in energy management, we have technological solutions and services for your company whose corporate strategy includes the efficient use of energy, the optimization of your energy costs and the reduction of your carbon footprint.

The extensive experience and specialization within the energy sector allows us to identify areas for improvement and integrate exact solutions that improve your economic, social and environmental results in your company.

The solidity of a great company as a base

At Inycom we offer technological and innovative solutions and services that drive your business towards success.

As a technology company, we have been developing advanced solutions and high value-added services for our clients in the most diverse sectors and fields since 1982.


Public sector


Banking and insurance



The value of experience

Reduce consumption, save money

And it is that the outsourced management of your organization’s energy becomes an increasingly critical task as energy costs and the need to reduce CO2 emissions increase.

With extensive experience as an energy efficiency company and a high degree of specialization, we work for you adapting to your needs, but always with the same goal: to innovate and positively impact the economic, social and environmental results of your company.

Improve your results, our only goal. Let yourself be advised by us. Let yourself be advised by your integral energy “Resultoría”.

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The value of experience

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