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We manage energy in your installation in a methodical way and we will achieve positive changes. Positive because they will give you control and security, but above all because we generate savings, making your organisation more profitable while reducing CO2 emissions.


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Energy is essential to make things happen in your organisation. By managing it in a methodical way we make those “little” things that happen, happen as positive changes.
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¿No tienes control ni datos energéticos No control and no energy data on your processes? The energy management solution with no upfront costs for companies, self-installable and with an Energy As a Service based model.


Are you an industry that already collects data? Data gathered from multiple sensors communicated and installed throughout the plant? The problem is that measuring does not save, it only collects data. The importance of the data is in the analysis.


If you already have an EMS in place but for the monitoring and control you need to enter data from different sources and then work manually in Excel macros or other programmes to generate reports, with this service you will connect all the data sources and generate the energy committee reports in minutes.

ISO 50001

The implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS) in a company is the option with the greatest potential for economic savings, making the implementation of the ISO 50001 standard an investment rather than a simple certificate.


Energy audits are an important tool to establish the level of energy efficiency and to show the current situation of your installation.
The energy audit will be the basis for the future implementation of an energy management system, EMS.


The volatility of energy prices (electricity and gas) and speculative market movements at peak contracting times make the task of contracting energy a strategic decision for your organisation.


The implementation of an Integrated Renewable Energy System is a good way to promote energy efficiency. A self-consumption installation is not all about the price per Wp. You have to answer questions that ensure the profitability of your installation. Photovoltaic self-consumption means profitability for your company and the fight against climate change.


Las comunidades energéticas son una pieza clave en la reorganización de los siEnergy communities are a key element in the reorganisation of energy production and distribution systems. They allow renewable resources to be exploited where they are and are an open door for the participation of citizens in the energy system.


Charging systems will play a key role in the successful transformation to a more sustainable world.
We advise companies and public administrations on their electric mobility strategy.


We are sure that you want to drive your company forward in the pursuit of environmental improvements, in parallel with economic benefits.
Services aimed at improving Eco-efficiency must ensure the best way to produce and do so with the least amount of waste.


It is the energy vector of the future. Have you explored the possibilities that hydrogen can offer you?
Hydrogen can be very interesting and especially some of its uses could be adapted to your business model.

¿No control and no energy data on your processes?

The global solution for energy efficiency.

Why Inycom Energy?

Savings Guarantees

We always give you the best solution because we are constantly learning. We make use of Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence to complement our services and solutions, providing you with guarantees of profitability and savings.

You, our focus

For us, it is not enough to think or put ourselves in your place from our office, but to go out and discover your environment and your circumstances.

Future and Sustainability

Our goal is sustainability, but without forgetting that the 22nd century is being built from today. We believe in this planet and together with you we will try to make it a better place for our grandchildren to enjoy.

Caso Práctico: Los Retos y Logros de Implantar un Sistema de
Gestión Continuo de la Energía en la Empresa

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